Surgical Retransmission of the Refractory and Cataract Surgery Course

On November 29, the III Course on Refractory and Cataract Surgery was held. AIS Comunicaciones, the sub-brand of Ditec Communications specialized in Congresses and Medical Transmissions, was in charge of carrying out the Retransmission from the operating room 7 to the assembly hall of the HM Sanchinarro University Hospital through optical fiber, with one of the signals consisting of a high definition microscope .

The complexity of this broadcast fell on the bidirectional sending of Image and Sound from the main operating room where the surgery was carried out to the Assembly Hall, in addition to other points such as the booths tent and the rest area. In this Course, a High Definition Microscope was used to carry out the surgery, which Ais Comunicaciones broadcasted. The signal was processed using digital scalers to send the Microscope image to the viewing screens so that the attendees could see the operation in detail.

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